Top 10 Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

Some say, “Always blame the mother.” But at least once a year the person who brought you into this world ought to be celebrated and pampered. After all, without her there’d be no “you.” So spoil your mother this Sunday and celebrate all she’s done for you. Here is a collection of 10 ideas to help you honor this special person:

  • Breakfast in bed: always a nice way to start the day
  • Spa treatments: as a gift card or set up an appointment for her
  • Personalized gifts (vases, frames, or on her new technological device) engrave your, your siblings’ and/or the grandchildren’s names
  • Digital Piano: If she loves to learn to play music.
  • Gourmet sweets from her favorite chocolate store
  • Jewelry: it doesn’t have to be something expensive – it truly is the thought that counts
  • Comfortable, therapeutic and luxurious robe and slippers
  • Scented (or unscented, but special) candles
  • Plants (indoor or outdoor) if she enjoys gardening
  • Perfumes
  • And, of course, flowers are part of the tradition and ought not to be forgotten.

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