Pia Haas Makes Debut as Director of Neil Simon’s “Fools” at Whippoorwill Hall in Armonk


Pia Haas, director of press relations at Westchester Broadway Theatre, tells the Rockland County Times she is excited about this production by the Armonk Players that will open June 1 and run though June 9. It will star Debra Ablezer, Bob Lebensold, Laura Menzie, David Morabito, Jeff Schlotman, Hal Simonetti, Bruce Apar, Steven Bendler, Philip Forzaglia Jr., and Benna Dinhofer.

“Fools,” says Haas, features a young teacher, a beautiful-but dimwitted girl, several kooky villagers and an ancient curse. The fable takes the auddience to Kulyenchikov, a Ukranian town plagued by a scorned lover’s curse. Leon, the unknowing hero, answers an ad requesting a teacher, only to discover the entire town is under a 200-year-old curse of chronic stupidity.

He learns that he has only 24 hours to break the curse or else he will become a fool himself. Faced with this dilemma, a hysterical tale of stupidity, love and human nature unfolds in quintessential Simon style. Haas says it is fun for the whole family.

Showtimes are at 8 p.m. except for Sunday, June 3 which will be at 4 p.m. Whippoorwill Hall is at 19 Whipoorwil East in Armonk. The production is sponsored by Friends of the North Castle Public Library. Tickets, information and directions at 914-861-2049.

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