Clarkstown Taxpayers Group Rejects Town Board’s Plan to Consolidate Highway Department Garages

Official statement from the Clarkstown Taxpayers President Guy Gervasi

The Clarkstown Taxpayers have actively pushed the Clarkstown Town Board to pursue any consolidation of its government services if it could save money for the taxpayers. However, in the case of the planned consolidation of the three town garage, which our group initially pushed, the Town Board has not demonstrated to us or the public that they have carefully analyzed the potential savings or expenses associated with this consolidation. Therefore, until a thorough business plan is developed, as they did with the consolidation of the Receiver of Taxes’ office with the Town Clerk’s office, that shows the pros and cons of consolidation with the specific expenses and savings delineated, the Clarkstown Taxpayers can not endorse the consolidation of the three town garages at this time.

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