“Borinqueneers” Are Not Forgotten

On Tuesday, June 19, the 65th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army, a unit of soldiers from Puerto Rican, referred to as the “Borinqueneers,” was recognized and honored by a commemorative stamp.

These soldiers served the U.S. during World War I, II and the Korean War. They fought hard despite the fact that they could not vote.

Now, more than a century after the infantry first came together, the Latino community petitioned the U.S. Postal Service for a commemorative stamp in their memory. New York State Senate and Assembly met to review and pass the resolution.

“What was unique about the 65th was that it was the only Hispanic segregated regiment in our history,” said Ruben Estrada, co-chairman of the National Borinqueneers Stamp Committee. “Our Stamp Initiative is an effort to keep the memory of these soldiers alive…”

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