Calhoun Delivers a Parting Shot in Defense of Gun Owners and Business

Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun (R,C,I-Blooming Grove) voted Tuesday against passage of Assembly Bill 1157-B, which would mandate the practice commonly known as “microstamping” on handgun manufacturers in the state. This legislation would force this costly technology on gun manufacturers and make New York the only state to mandate the technology.

“Microstamping is a technology in which a tiny imprint is etched onto the firing pin of a semi-automatic pistol. Theoretically, law enforcement could then trace the gun back to the owner,” said Calhoun. “In the vast majority of crimes committed with handguns, the guns are obtained illegally and are, therefore, untraceable.”

Three independent studies have established that microstamping technology is unreliable and can be easily defeated in seconds using only household tools. New York should focus on enforcing existing laws, increasing penalties including five- to 10-year mandatory sentences for handgun use in the commission of a crime and proven methods to stop criminals.

Calhoun noted that microstamping would not identify revolvers, shotguns and rifles, or knives and baseball bats for that matter. It will force manufacturers from New York State to comply with a costly mandate or close up shop – and force out-of-state businesses to discontinue selling here as well.

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