Unendorsed Candidate Blasts GOP and Conservative Party Leaders

Candidate for NYS Assembly 99th District (Town of Stony Point, parts of Orange County)

The revered General George S. Patton once said, “Better to fight for something than live for nothing.”

This maxim is one that I have endeavored to carry out in my own life, and also in my campaign to be your next New York State Assemblyman. Sadly, the corrupt party leaders in our area have made a choice to stand for nothing and advance an agenda of self-interest and political preservation.

For nearly a year I have been running as the grassroots Republican Conservative outsider alternative to the incumbent in this district. After successfully retiring the incumbent from office after months of vigorous grassroots pressure the double-dipping incumbent and political cronies handpicked a successor they wished to carry on their failed ways in Albany. Nominating a former Democrat (until 2011) who has stood against everything Republicans and Conservatives stand for and running that candidate on those lines will not be tolerated.

As the grassroots “Team Schmitt” moves forward in this process we know the path forward will not be easy. When standing for truth many people worried about their own bank account and political turf will do everything in their power to shut us down. We will not relent though. We are taking the fight door-to-door to win this race with the voice of the people.

As the Republican and Conservative Parties hand-selected candidate stands for nothing this election cycle I will.

I will stand for the values and ideology of the Republican and Conservative parties, not just use certain party lines for quick political advancement. As the only candidate running for the Republican and Conservative Party nominations that has always been and will always be pro-Second Amendment, pro-Life, and pro-border security, it will be important that our campaign spread the truth to all voters in the 99th Assembly District. I have never and will never abandon my values to cut back room deals with corrupt party leaders, but my opponent has.

Primary voters of the Republican and Conservative Parties have a choice this September. You can reject the failed political leaders of our area and vote for the candidate that stands for something and will fight for you in Albany. New York has suffered long enough we do not need yet another failed hack in the Assembly. It is time to refresh and reform Albany, and that is what I plan to do.

I refuse to live for nothing.

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