Haverstraw Celebrates Nonagenarian Residents

Sixth annual 90-plus recognition day


The Town of Haverstraw celebrated their sixth annual 90 Plus Recognition Day on Monday, June 25, honoring those who’ve reached the 90 and older milestone with speeches, lunch respect and congratulations.

Gathered at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Haverstraw, 24 members were added to the club, making it a total of 103. Five of those individuals were over 100 years old.

“We’re honored to be able to recognize residents who’ve reached this great milestone,” said Supervisor Howard T. Phillips. “They are the ones who built this community that we now enjoy. I wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them next year.”

West Haverstraw Village Mayor John F. Ramundo echoed Phillips’ words by saying, “It’s a pleasure to be here with the greatest generation of all time.”

Maureen Corallo, the senior leader, has organized the day of recognition since it’s start. She’s basically a one-woman show, she admitted, but she said, “I want to thank all the local businesses who’ve generously donated today.”

The list is quite long and includes Abbey Ice, Zugibe’s Hardware, B’s Nest Deli, Sparky’s Diner, Pantano’s Deli, J&B Luncheonette, Sonoma Grille, Red Rock Café and more.

Corallo entertained the crowd with a bit of singing and the room erupted with applause when she finished.

William Babcock, 91, was born and lived his entire life in Haverstraw, except for the one year he spent in England while serving in the air force during World War II.

Similarly, Myra Gokey, 93, “born and raised,” she said. Her two children live not far, one in Douches County and one in New Windsor. But she’s staying put in the town she loves.

“This is a great tradition, it brings people together,” said New York State Senator William Larkin.

“I welcome the opportunity to join the seniors. At my age I feel quite comfortable here,” he joked.

“These people here built a lot of what we benefit from and it’s now the next generation’s chance to thank them.”

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