Meet the Candidate, Kyle Roddey (R-Goshen) 99th Assembly District (Stony Point and parts of Orange County)

Kyle Roddey, mayor of Goshen, candidate for NY Assembly District 99

My name is Kyle Roddey and I am running for the 99th District of the New York State Assembly that includes the town of Stony Point. I am currently the Mayor of the Village of Goshen and the manager of a small business.

I am a reluctant politician, as my goals never included a political career. I was brought here because of the real world experiences that I have had and the concerns that I have for the future of New York State based on those experiences.

As the Mayor of Goshen, I have firsthand experience putting together a municipal budget and seeing the costs of government spike due to Albany’s inaction. In Goshen, we cut over $250,000 from this year’s budget by eliminating positions through attrition, austerity measures and competitive bidding.

Despite those savings, we are still seeing exponential increases in retirement and medical costs while Albany sits and does nothing. Our residents cannot afford this level of incompetence in Albany.

As the manager of a small business, I have seen the challenges of doing business in this state. Local businesses are the true driver of our economy, and we need to start helping them succeed and stop hurting them with overregulation and taxation. Moreover, senior citizens and families are struggling with outrageously high taxes and the state’s education system needs to be reformed.

I feel obligated to help fix these serious issues and improve the quality of life in our communities. Because of my passion for change and strong experience, I am honored to have received the endorsements of the Republican, Conservative, and Independence parties.

One of my opponents, Colin Schmitt, has decided that his campaign will be that of negativity, attacks and false claims. This is unfortunate because I am ready to discuss the issues. People are struggling, looking for jobs and trying just to get by – people do not want to see attack politics.

One look at his campaign literature will reveal the negativity and misinformation. For example, he makes the deceptive claim that he is the only candidate never to raise taxes. However, Colin Schmitt has never held a public office to be in a position to raise taxes! Furthermore, Schmitt’s experience is questionable since it isn’t even clear that he currently holds a full-time job.

I am energized, experienced and ready to talk to the residents of the 99th Assembly District about the issues. I feel that I am the best candidate for the position because I am the only candidate with the combination of executive experience, private sector experience and legislative experience.

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