Republican Group Continues Push for New GOP Committeemen

The group calling themselves the “Rockland Republican Academy” released another list of indictments in the past week that was mailed to GOP committeeman and posted on their website to rally support for their cause.

The group is making the push because on a date to be determined this September, all Republican leadership seats will be open to challenge. July 9 will be the last day petitions will be accepted by the board of elections to become a new committeeman. It will be two years before Rockland Republicans get another chance to become committeemen.

In a letter to fellow committeeman representatives: Jean Black of Orangetown, Joseph Ciardullo of the Clarkstown, Anthony Mele of Ramapo, and Lawrence Stone, aspiring committeeman of Stony Point and spokesman for the group, called for a whole new slate of GOP leadership.

The letter states, “We believe that 22 years of ineffective leadership has reduced our party’s relevance. The erosion of Republican core principles led to the financial calamity we now have in Rockland County. What is the long term impact on the tax payer, when we no longer have an opposition party to challenge Democrats? The role of the opposition party is to protect the taxpayers from uncontested power of the majority over the minority. The party leadership has forgotten that they work for us and not the other way around. As a result, we are forced to take this less than conventional route to restore these principles by replacing the leadership.”

The group particularly condemns Chairman Vinny Reda’s policy of sometimes cross-endorsing Democratic candidates in return for other favors to the GOP from the Democrats.

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  1. Lawrence_Stone   June 28, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    RADIO INTERVIEW UPDATE: Also check out the Radio Interview I gave today on this initiative. The interview starts at 17:30 minutes into the program. ENJOY!

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