St. Dominic’s School Bids Farewell to Grads

St. Dominic School eighth-grade students let their mortar boards fly upon their graduation from their Blauvelt K-8th grade school. Many of the students have been at the school since kindergarten and are now moving on to public and private schools in their respective districts.

St. Dominic School in Blauvelt bid farewell to seven of its eighth-grade students and one in 10th-grade in a touching and emotional graduation ceremony in the school’s gym on Thursday, June 14. The gym was packed with parents, family members, friends and St. Dominic’s School staff and Saint Dominic’s Home senior management. Operated by the nonprofit Saint Dominic’s Home, St. Dominic’s School is a private publicly funded K- 8th grade day school that helps children with special needs and learning challenges to succeed academically by providing a nurturing and personalized educational environment.

It also operates an independent learning program for children in grades 9 – 12. During the unique ceremony, teachers and student counselors publicly shared touching words about the academic and personal growth of each student, and some students took to the microphone to thank the school and staff. Many students received special awards for academic achievement and good citizenship. The graduates will now enter public and private high schools in their respective school districts.

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