“Private Eyes” a Humdinger At Elmwood

Four-star review!! Nyack mystery play-within-a-play enthralls audience


From left: Tiffany M. Card, Keith Gilroy, Kirk Miller, Andrea Pecorino (Photo credit: Jennie Marino)

I am not going to reveal too much about the plot of “Private Eyes” as it is so enjoyable to watch and see what is going to happen next and why it happens. Or does it really happen? Author Steven Dietz had a lot of fun writing this piece that gives watchers an insight into what play directors and actors aim for in auditions and in plays; what their motivation is and what they are trying to achieve.

“Private Eyes” deals with a wife having an affair with her director, or did she? And a husband who is very suspicious and is in therapy. You don’t really know what is for real and what is imagined because he doesn’t seem to fully know either. The cast of of Keith Gilroy as the director, Kirk Miller as the husband, Andrea Pecorino as the actress/wife, Kevin Nagle as the therapist and Tiffany M. Card as a waitress– note, you have to go see “Private Eyes” to find out who else she is. You will not be disappointed.

Pecorino and Card give oustanding performances in this Elmwood production directed by Michael Edan as do Gilroy, Miller and Nagle, and when it is all put togeher you have a thriller mystery, a lot of comedy, love affairs and wait until you see the end for the rest of the story.

The play was intriguing to the end. “Private Eyes” is one that you would not want to miss if you are an avid theatre fan and want to see an exciting drama that contains all the emotions of love, betrayal, anxiety and a yearning for the truth and finally revenge.

The prdouction staff does a wonderful job with scenic deisgn by Chantale Bourdages, Margeret Young and Mike Gnazzo as production managers, and Crawford Deyo as technical director. Sandy Gordon is producer.

“Private Eyes” uses the technique of an actor speaking directly to the audience with Mathew’s therapist Frank (Kevin Nagle) explaining or trying to explain the many twists and turns of this intriguing production. And changing of sets on stage while the players are onstage also is another interesting aspect of this unusual presentation.

It is fun to watch and the anticipation of how it will end keeps you almost on the edge of your seat, as you wonder what is for real and what is not? Private Eyes” at Elmwood Payhouse in Nyack rates Four out of Four Stars!!!! Tickets at 845-323-1313 or elmwoodlayhouse.com.

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