New Stony Point Ambulance Corps Building to be Dedicated Labor Day Weekend

Donations of equipment being sought


Photo credit: Thomas McGuire

The new Stony Point Ambulance Corps headquarters is on schedule for a Labor Day ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony, corps leaders tell the Rockland County Times.

Chelle Cordero Engelman, vice president of the Stony Point Ambulance Corps, said the estimated total cost of the new three-story structure is about $3.4 million. She said none of the monies are from local tax coffers, instead grants revenues, a bank loan and insurance money are paying for the structure built on the site that once housed Don’s restaurant and before that, the Villa Villa restaurant.

The corps purchased the site because current headquarters on Lee Avenue is not large enough to handle the corps operations anymore. The new building will have four bays for the existing four vehicle the corps owns and there are apartments that members of the corps can rent if they pledge to do extra hours weekly, in addition to paying rent.

The building includes space for administrative offices, training rooms (members of the public will be invited to take courses), a crew room, four apartments with six bedrooms, and a basement. A housing committee has been established to handle the apartment rentals, says Cordero Engelman. Rental charges have not yet been established.

The corps has set up a wish-list on their website (StonyPointEMS.Com) that includes asking for donations of gift cards, money or other. They need gift cards to office supply stores, office furniture, desks, file cabinets and chairs, office supplies, copy machine, fax machine, telephones, couches, end tables, small microwave, small coffee pot, small refrigerator, book and storage shelves, bunk beds, gym and exercise equipment, tables and folding chairs, bulletin boar d(glass enclosed), training equipment, DVD player, TV set, washer/dryer, natural gas barbecue pit/grill and more.

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