East Ramapo Parents Sue School District

A class-action lawsuit is being brought by nearly 200 East Ramapo public school parents against the Board of Education for repeatedly misusing public funds.

These residents claim that the board’s officials have repeatedly schemed to use public funds to support private religious institutions and have separated special education by race.

With the help of the public interest law firm Advocates for Justice and the organization’s attorney Arthur Schwartz, a 60-page document was filed in federal court on Tuesday, August 7.

The parents are asking the state education commissioner to remove the five-member board majority, the five Orthodox Jewish board members. They’re also asking the state to create a position to be filled by the state to watch over the board’s activities.

This board, the parents claim, have allowed funds to be used for religious books and programs. And they hold a majority on the board and therefore other voices do not get heard.

Those being sued include: Superintendent Joel Klein, Assistant Superintendent for the Office of Special Student Services and Funded Programs Elie Wizman, the district attorney, Albert D’Agostino, the five current members who are part of the Orthodox and Hasidic majority: school board President Daniel Schwartz, Vice President Yehuda Weissmandl, Moses Friedman, Moshe Hopstein and Eliyahu Solomon.

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