Letter to the Editor: Outraged over Bullying

Dear Editor,

Recently I have reached out to public libraries, asking for an opportunity to speak to parents as well as kids, about the effects of cyber bullying/bullying, while also giving parents tips about social media. I spoke with representatives at the New City, Valley Cottage and Nyack libraries, while Nanuet and West Nyack never called me back. I have been blown away by the lack of support and the quick prejudgement each library in Rockland has made toward me, dismissing my experience to speak on victim’s behalf, as well as speaking about my own experiences, while using all my research I have complied in the past two years as evidence to the growing epidemic.

If we are only going to limit people who are in law enforcement or have a PhD as qualifiers for anti-bullying, then we still have a ways to go to get communities more involved. Schools in Rockland for instance, don’t want to deal with any outside people. They think they are doing a wonderful job, which couldn’t be further from the truth. At one of my workshops I have previously done, a parent told me that the police and the school didn’t want to “get involved,” while at another workshop I did at a counseling center, they told me many young girls have come in who have been emotionally uprooted due to cyberbullying, but the school and the police, again, did not want to get involved.

That is what we are dealing with in Rockland. Just because it’s Rockland doesn’t mean it’s not happening here. Get involved. Make a difference. Only then can we make our community a better place.

Stephanie Dolce
Valley Cottage

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