$15,925,405,000,000…and Counting

Carvin Adds U.S. Debt Clock to Campaign Website

Rye Town Supervisor and Congressional candidate Joe Carvin (R-NY-17), who is running for Congress on a platform of economic growth and to tame the Washington overspending, last week added a live U.S. Debt Clock to his campaign website, which can be seen at www.Carvin2012.com. The clock will remain on the site throughout the campaign.

Mr. Carvin said the Debt Clock, which increases by about $4 billion per day, “crystallizes” how reckless career Washington politicians, like 24-year-incumbent Nita Lowey (D-WFP), have been to this country — and just how sorely new and fiscally responsible leaders are needed.

“This debt clock is an indictment of all those, Democrat and Republican alike, who put our country in this situation,” Mr. Carvin said. “This unsustainable borrowing is a drag on the economy like an anchor on a speed boat.  If we do not reduce our debt and work to save our social safety net for the next generation of Americans, life will be substantially different in this country for decades to come, something we are just beginning to get a taste of today,” Mr. Carvin said. “Nita Lowey and other career politicians who kicked the can down the road year after year have to explain to voters how they got us $16 trillion in the hole.”

Mr. Carvin noted that the real national debt, when unfunded entitlement deficits are tallied, ranges, according to estimates, from anywhere between $75 trillion and $225 trillion.

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