$15,925,405,000,000…and Counting

Carvin Adds U.S. Debt Clock to Campaign Website Rye Town Supervisor and Congressional candidate Joe Carvin (R-NY-17), who is running for Congress on a platform of economic growth and to tame the Washington overspending, last week added a live U.S. Debt Clock to his campaign website, which can be seen at www.Carvin2012.com. The clock will […]

Montebello Mayor Endorses Joe “The Tax Carver” Carvin for Congress

Montebello Mayor Endorses Joe “The Tax Carver” Carvin for Congress

Neurosurgeon and Montebello Mayor Jeff Oppeneheim has endorsed businessman and noted tax-cutting Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin in New York’s 17th Congressional District (Westchester-Rockland.) “Joe Carvin is the ideal Republican candidate to challenge Nita Lowey in November,” said Dr. Oppenheim, who had previously considered running for the seat. “He is a fiscal hawk and a […]


The Westchester and Rockland Republican Committees unanimously nominated Rye Town Supervisor and businessman Joe Carvin as their candidate in the 17th congressional district at the convention held last night. Mr. Carvin will face 24-year career politician Nita Lowey in the newly-drawn district that encompasses parts of Westchester and all of Rockland County. “I’m deeply honored […]