Skoufis: ‘Thruway toll hike is a trickle- down tax’

Democratic Assembly candidate for District 99, James Skoufis, had this to say about the NY Thruway’s proposed steep toll hikes for commercial drivers.

“Now is not the time to require businesses that deliver the goods we depend on everyday to pay a 45 percent toll increase. The economy is still struggling; we have not yet rebounded from the recession. The proposed toll increase will affect more than just truck drivers.

“Increasing the costs of shipping will force small businesses to pay more for goods. When businesses are forced to pay more, consumers bear the costs as well. This is a trickle-down tax. The toll hike is completely unacceptable and does nothing to improve New York’s business climate. We should be committed to helping businesses grow. This toll hike does the exact opposite.”

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