U.F.O. Lecture Draws 45; Due to Popular Demand another Event Planned for Dec. 6


Robert J. Van Der Clock of Monroe, Orange County told about 45 persons attending a UFO seminar last week at King’s Daughters Library in Haverstraw, that very prominent world people have told him aliens will come to Earth in the year 2017! Apparently his message was well received, as he’s been invited back to tell more on December 6.

Van Der Clock told the gathering that the aliens will arrive in a peaceful manner and try to get the nations of the world to act together to improve the world situation. Asked by the Rockland County Times who these “world prominent people'” are, Van Der Clock said “I cannot tell you,” implying he was sworn to secrecy. But he told the approximately 45 people in the Community Room at the library, they (the aliens) are watching us and want peaceful interaction.

The expert on the paranormal, who first started doing lectures and seminars in 1993, said that there have been meetings of world leaders at the United Nations and in Troy, New York and the indications are if any nuclear wars occur, the aliens will not come. Pressed for details and attribution by the Rockland County Times, Van Der Clock, said “I cannot name names, but they are very prominent people.”

He told those attending that large triangles will appear over major cities before the aliens land. Again, no specific attribution. No names named.

Van Der Clock, now retired as Waldwick, New Jersey postmaster also lists U.S. Army intelligence officer on his past resume. He says he became interested in UFOs many years ago when told about an aid to General Douglas MacArthur having seen seven to nine discs (UFOs) over the Hawaiian Theatre.

When queried by a member of Wednesday night’s audience if he had ever had an encounter, Van Der Clock told of holding a piece of material with strong vibrations that turned hot and cold. Asked by the newspaper where the piece came from, he did not reply clearly.

Van Der Clock said at the lecture that the famous Roswell, New Mexico incident is the most authentic of all sightings of extraterrestrial beings and that government’s explanations are ridiculous. The official story is that the alleged bodies found in the wreckage  at Roswell were crash dummies.

Asserting that he and other UFO believers are looking for the truth, Van Der Clock said if UFOs are from beyond our planet, he wants the government to admit it and he will stop asking further questions.

Van Der Clock claimed that there have been sightings by astronauts, airplane pilots, former NASA personnel and many citizens. While he backed away from alleging a conspiracy of silence, he said there is a belief that the U.S. government, including the CIA and the Air Force, are holding back information on alien spacecraft, aliens and UFOs because they think the people of the world can’t handle it.

The next seminar at King’s Daughters Library with Van Der Clock will be December 6 at 6:30 p.m.

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