AAA on Port Authority Toll Hikes One Year Later: Where’s the Money?

Officials from AAA New York and AAA North Jersey called a press conference last week to mark the one-year anniversary of toll hikes by the Port Authority across all six of its bridges and tunnels.

The plan, approved last year, calls for four separate toll increases by 2015.

AAA officials at the conference called on the Authority to stop stonewalling the public regarding its use of toll revenues.

The AAA is also pushing for more federal oversight though the Commuter Protection Act. The legislation, which is still pending in Congress, would restore federal oversight of interstate toll rates.

The next planned toll increase is scheduled for December 2. Drivers on the George Washington Bridge will see rush hour tolls increase to $10.25 for E-Z Pass and $13 for cash. By 2015 those numbers will increase to $12.50 for E-Z Pass and $15 for cash.

Last fall, citing the federal Bridge Act, AAA Clubs filed a federal court action seeking to stop the Port Authority from increasing tolls to pay for cost overruns at the World Trade Center, a violation of federal law (33 U.S.C. Section 508).

The case is currently pending in the United States Court for the Southern District (11 Civ. 6746).


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