To the Editor:

Now that the CSEA county contract has been ratified by the Rockland County Legislature, I have to commend all parties involved who worked together to formalize the agreement. Our members are making some serious sacrifices in order to help the county through these tough times, which shows their dedication to the citizens they serve. While we’ve had differences of opinion at times, the way in which CSEA was able to work with legislators and the county executive shows a mutual dedication to helping the county move forward and regain fiscal stability. I have to commend the legislators who agreed to make similar sacrifices in pay; this show of solidarity with the CSEA workforce is a welcome gesture of goodwill and shows these legislators don’t just talk the talk.

It took a lot of guts for our CSEA membership to approve this contract. However, the job security included is critical for them and even more important for the people of the county, all of whom benefit from the services provided. I commend my members on approving this contract by such a large margin. It was the right thing for Rockland.


Billy Riccaldo

CSEA Southern Region President

West Haverstraw


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