Election 2012

Who would have thought the presidential race could change so drastically overnight?

Even the mainstream and liberal media is getting in on the act, as seen here on the cover of the Oct. 15 New Yorker magazine, where President Obama is depicted as a no-show to last week’s first presidential debate, complete with an empty chair, a la Clint Eastwood’s mockery of him.

In politics there are game changers, you just never know when they are going to hit. Romney belted a political home run last week; showing the posture and confidence of a winner, while to a vast majority of Americans Obama looked disinterested and unconfident.

Polls now have the two men neck and neck and a Romney win looks well within the realm of possibility. The nation is gearing up for the vice presidential debate tonight, Thursday, October 11, and the second presidential debate next week, at Hofstra University in Long Island, October 16.

Following his debate loss, President Obama’s team lashed out at Romney calling him a “liar” who changed his position on several issues at the debate.

Romney hit Obama with a more substantive critique, lamenting the Obama administration’s ever-changing story on what exactly happened at the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya that cost four Americans, including an ambassador, their lives. Recent information indicates there never was reason to believe uprising due to a video critical of Islam were to blame for the deaths, contrary to the claims of the Obama administration.

Intelligence reports also show that the staff from the Libyan consulate had requested greater security and never received it.

Romney is setting these positions up so he can challenge Obama at the October 18 debate, which will focus on foreign policy. He also questioned Obama’s entire Middle East strategy, accusing him of making America weaker and putting Israel’s security in jeopardy.

Obama’s camp retorted that Romney is a one-man gaffe machine on the issue of foreign policy and they do not take his critiques to heart. Obama’s team also has reminded the American people of the president’s successful a Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.


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