“Fiddler On The Roof” at Westchester Broadway Theatre Four Out of Four Stars!!!!


This production at the Westchester Broadway Theatre, the 177th in their history, ranks among their best.

Bill Nolte leads the cast of the classic “Fiddler on the Roof,” giving an outstanding performance as Tevye, the dairyman. With direction and choreography by Richard Stafford, Fiddler entranced the packed house at Friday’s press performance.

Nolte’s stage presence and acting as the embattled dairyman pay homage to the Jerome Robbins directed and choreographed Broadway hit of 1964. He starts with the song entitled “Tradition,” that tells the story of the Jewish colony in 1905 in Czarist Russia. From there on it is the tale of Tevye and his daughters.

The story follows how the daughters defy tradition by refusing to marry the men Tevye arranges for them. Tevye also converses with his God about his travails including an ailing horse, Russian officials, and his sometimes-shrewish wife, Golde. The original book by Joseph Stein with music by Jerry Bock and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick stands the test of time in this revival of “Fiddler.”

The story, ends on a tragic note as Tevye, his family, and the rest of the villagers are told they must leave and find new homes. Some go to the Holy Land others to the United States, but Tevye’s spirit is not diminished as he picks up his cart and leads them away.

“Fiddler” is made more enjoyable by the great fiddling of Joe Longthorne who plays from the roof and all over the stage. Leo P. Carusone’s musical direction brings this memorable show to fruition moving from one number to the next.

Put it all together, and you have a wonderful “Fiddler On The Roof” that I rate Four Stars Out Of Four!!!!

For tickets and more information call: 914-592-2222 or visit: broadwaytheatre.com.

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