Dear Editor,

Having represented you in the New York Assembly these past 22 years, I am pleased to endorse Kyle Roddey for New York State Assemblyman in the new 99th District. Kyle is the Mayor of the Village of Goshen where he solved long standing sewer problems and enacted a 20 percent co-payment for health insurance coverage for himself and all members of the Village Board. Kyle’s accomplishments have been duly noted by the Republicans, Conservatives, and Independence Parties who have all endorsed him. In addition Kyle Roddey has his Master’s degree in Education and substitute teaches, as well as being the manager of a small local business, G W’s American Burgers.

More important, Mayor Kyle Roddey was there for his community when Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee struck and wreaked havoc on his Village, which is the county seat of Orange County. And although the Village of Kiryas Joel is not within the 99th A.D., it is neighbor to the Town and Village of Woodbury and numerous properties in Cornwall, New Windsor, Woodbury (Ace Farms), and Blooming Grove (Lake Anne) which are in the ownership of Kiryas Joel residents. Assemblyman Roddey would fight long and hard to oppose any intrusion or annexations by Kiryas Joel. His opponent James Skuofis would never oppose Sheldon Silver who provided $6,000,000 in grants for the Kiryas Joel Women’s Health Care Center.

In addition, Kyle’s opponent repeatedly has refused to say whether he would, if elected, cast his vote in favor of Speaker Sheldon Silver for Assembly Majority Leader. And just through the October 1 NYS Board of Elections filing cutoff, Shelly Silver’s Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee had already provided more than $150,000 toward James Skoufis’ campaign with another $100,000.00 or more forthcoming in the last five weeks of the campaign. No wonder candidate Skoufis , when asked repeatedly, has refused to also stand up against the $103,000 of your tax dollars that Speaker Silver secretly paid to cover up an Albany sex scandal.

Lastly, James Skoufis has been vocal against me and Senator Bill Larkin for receiving our salary as well as a pension. However, Skoufis voted in favor of requesting Albany’s Civil Service Commission to allow the recently appointed Woodbury Police Chief to receive a Section 211 waiver which would let him collect his full police pension as well as a full salary as Police Chief. To receive this waiver, it must be shown that no other qualified applicant was interested in the appointment; at least two Woodbury Police Officers who were on the Orange County Civil Service list for Chief and interviewed for the position.

Please look at both candidates’ records and join Republicans, Conservatives, and Independence voters in electing Kyle Roddey on November 6. You will insure a strong voice for you in Albany, and a truly well-qualified and dedicated public servant, who will always put the people he represents first.



Nancy Calhoun

N.Y.S. Assembly Member