Dear Editor,

With the county $100 million in debt we no longer have the luxury to decide to cut the budget or not. We must cut the budget and eliminate the duplication of services with in our county. From my personal observations Rockland County is well policed and of course that’s a good thing. We have State Police, State Park Police, Town and Village Police, M.T.A. Police and of course the Sheriff Patrol. Even Mr. Obama in his election campaign stated our military has less horses and bayonets than it did in the past. What this really means is we need to be open to change, modernization and efficiency. Thus it goes without saying we need to eliminate the Mounted Unit within our county Sheriff Department. Many other law enforcement agencies around the country [Westchester County] have all ready done this at great savings.

Further cuts can be made by elimination of the [patrol] by the Sheriff Department, this inefficient patrol unit bounces around the county patrolling county properties. This could easily be done by the existing town/village police. Lastly the marine unit also patrolled by the New York State Police [duplication]. Timing is everything; now that mother nature destroyed one of the Sheriffs Marine Unit now is a great time for elimination. The Sheriff Unit can serve a great purpose in this county by running the jail, crime scene unit and emergency services units. By eliminating these units the jail could be fully manned thus reducing the need for new hires or additional overtime.



Dave Veraja


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