24th Annual Arts Day Held at North Rockland High School


The school band, under the direction of the music teacher, played holiday tunes to entertain the students in the library

On Wednesday December 19, 2012 the North Rockland High School’s main library was turned into an art gallery, with the students displaying their original art projects. In addition, the band and chorus participated in a rousing celebration of the holiday season.

Hussein Holland, Art Coordinator for the school district said, “The purpose of the event is to showcase the fine art work of the students in crafts, ceramics, drawing, costume jewelry and painting. It promotes student creativity and gets them to take risks in a safe environment.”

Art teacher Carol Wall said, “Techniques illustrated in the art fair include white pencil on black paper, layered colored pencils plus the use of half-wallpaper and half acrylic paint. Skills development included drawing, painting and shading from real-life and still-life.

Students Casey and Sam are standing by the ‘drawing wall’ which illustrates examples of still-life flowers and fruits using watercolors

Student Linda said, “As I move up the ladder, I am learning about the fundamentals of art with using glue on paper and chalk pastels. I am not restricted and feel more creative.”

Student Melissa said, “I feel free when I am creating art and it helps to relieve the stress of school work. I take photos of faces and add to the image I draw and I feel more control when I use pencils.”

The North Rockland High School Arts Day shined the spotlight on students’ creativity. It encouraged students to share their works and achievements with other students, teachers and invited guests.

Student Ja’Nice, representing the A.P. 2D design class, is proudly standing by her self-portrait, which is a way of creatively expressing herself
Student Claribel is standing by the display of necklaces, which are chains, bands or chords ornamented with beads
Student Melissa is standing by the ceramics table proudly holding her Native-American pottery art work

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