Friend of Elmwood Playhouse Offers to Match $25,000 of All Donations Made Before December 31


A friend of Elmwood Playhouse has offered to match $25,000 in donations if the public can come through with that amount before December 31.

Larry Beckerle, president of Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack, says $10,000 has already been received with commitments of another $5,000 and he asks that supporters of Elmwood dig into their pockets (or into your friend’s pocket) and donate what you can to the Playhouse before the end of the year.

Says Beckerle, “We are getting so close to maximizing this generous donation, which would enable Elmwood to move forward with the first phase of our renovation plan.”

Says the playhouse head, “For more than 65 years, many of the groups supporters have given so much of their energy, passion, talent and hard work to produce wonderful theatre at Elmwood. We have made lifelong friends working side by side advancing the performing arts right here in Nyack. ” Beckerle commented,”The renovation will make our century old building more comfortable, more efficient and more modern for actors, crew and most importantly for our audience.”

Contact or 845-353-1313.

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