Dear Editor,

I’ve been reading Mr. Miele’s book, “Born Minus,” and man is it an eye opener. It is no wonder that this nation, and especially starting from the Baby-boomer (my) generation all the way until today, this country is going downhill. What Mr. Miele’s and all his people in their generation had to do just to survive definitely builds character and made them survivors and successful in every word. But starting from the late 60s until today non-stop, all I have seen (including myself) is nothing but a bunch of mooching cry-babies who complain about how hard life is, while we do not want to lift an extra finger to do any work, unless we get paid thousands of dollars a year for doing no work.

Now I see that unless we, as a nation, pull together and go back to the characteristics of Mr. Miele’s days, this country is doomed (I mean, for real). This poor guy had to go and work all day for a couple of dollars (if that much) so that his family could eat and live for another day, and so did his three brothers, along with their father. All one hears nowadays is how unfair life is, because there are very few jobs out there that pay over $100,000, and that nobody wants to work unless they get this kind of pay. I also see Mr. Miele’s strong hatred for the unions. The unions have done nothing but get only a select few decent pay, while (because of this action) there is so much less money left for others.

In addition, it is these unions and the mindset that they have created (specifically where no workers want to work for low pay) that is ruining the workforce of America. Then we complain about Mexicans taking over the labor force, failing to remember that it is us who refuse to work for low wages, yet we always complain about none of these low paying jobs being available for us Americans. Bottom line: we as Americans need to get back to our roots, which were set around the years when Mr. Miele was a kid, and stop crying.

This will bring the nation back to where it should be and we need to do this before it is too late. In all, “Born Minus” is just an amazing book, bringing back the facts that made America strong, in one 200-page document. I’ve done a few (maybe even more) book reviews and can frankly state that this book of Miele’s is an excellent source of information, and should be used in school by kids from fourth to 12th grade as part of their Social Studies studies.

Anonymous for Fear of Retribution from Union Thugs

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