Is a plan afoot to undermine and, eventually, do away with the second and the 22nd amendments to the United States Constitution; while in the interim getting the Senate motivated to ratify the United Nations’ Small Arms Treaty; ultimately making this country subject to the collective will of the United Nations? Congressman Jose Serrano, annual sponsor of legislation to do away with the 22nd amendment, is no fool; he is an intelligent man in a position of authority and influence. Such a man should be taken very very seriously; as seriously as one must take a stranger standing and holding a lighted match inside one’s home.

Discussion about abandoning the 22nd amendment can lead to discussion about abandoning¬† the second amendment, which could lead to changing the Bill of Rights, changing the Articles of the Constitution, and trashing the Declaration of Independence. Then, what dog bone would “We the People” be given by these planners in exchange for abandoning the Bill of Rights, perhaps an impotent statement on “Human Rights?”

All the while, an ultra-liberal president willing to open the backdoor of government can allow undue foreign influence, exerted by the United Nations, to enter within the halls of “OUR” government. Would this not be a subversive Fabian like plan of action? If so, from where does it originate? Would it be nothing more than a sophisticated “Murphy game,” being perpetrated by master swindlers? Please feel free, while we are still free to do so, to pass this email to another concerned citizen of the Republic.

Patrick C. Kennedy, Lic. Pri. Inv. / NY, Pri. Det. / NJ, Alarm Installer / NY, rt. LEO
Rockland Master Investigations

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