Senator Carlucci Pledges Support for Homeowners with Black Mold

Piermont – State Legislator David Carlucci visited the Piermont home of James and Veronica Artrip on January 16 to inspect mold damage to the family’s home and offer support to homeowners struggling with insurance coverage for the effects of black mold in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The Artrips stated that two weeks after Sandy, they discovered that lingering dampness in the wood of their Piermont Avenue home was attracting black mold. Since then, the family reported that they have had to deal with mold-related health issues such as coughing and sneezing.

To make matters worse, Veronica Artrip reported that not only was FEMA reluctant to provide funds to remove the mold, but she has had problems with her insurance company, Hartford Insurance, which paid them $10,000 for emergency storm damage, but has been unresponsive to further requests.

“I was begging them for help, telling them about the black mold and that we were getting sick and that we couldn’t live like this, but still we haven’t heard from them.”

In response to the Artrip’s situation and those of other homeowners, Carlucci stated that he is pursuing legislation which will speed up the process by which insurance companies handle claims for black mold, setting time frames where providers must respond to homeowner requests for inspection within six days and notify them of whether or not their claim has been approved within 15 days.

“I’ve been throughout the state-places that were really been hit hard by Sandy-and people have really come together to help clear the roads and get houses up and running,” Carlucci said. “But unfortunately, the insurance companies just haven’t gotten the message.”

In addition, Carlucci announced a roundtable discussion on mold issues in Rockland County, hoping to address what he stated was a “real, serious threat to our health” which often goes overlooked.

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