Zebrowski named Assembly Chair of the Administrative Regulation Review Commission


Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (D-Rockland) announced today that he was appointed chair of the Administrative Regulation Review Commission (ARRC) in the New York State Assembly. The commission oversees and reviews the rules and regulations that are promulgated by New York State’s various agencies.

“I am excited to get to work as chair of this Commission and believe it will afford me the opportunity to address the concerns of New Yorkers on many different issues,” said Assemblyman Zebrowski.

The Administrative Regulation Review Commission has recently been involved in public hearings relating to pending hydrofracking regulations. In the past, the Commission has been active in reforming the rulemaking process to make it more transparent.

“State regulations not only affect individuals throughout the state but have significant impacts on our local governments and small businesses. As Chair of this commission, I hope to give a voice to our local officials and businesses on the rules and regulations that can both help and hinder their operations. I want to thank Speaker Silver and the Assembly leadership for their confidence and I look forward to continuing the collaborative relationship I have formed with Governor Cuomo’s administration,” concluded Assemblyman Zebrowski.

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