A Sad Day: Stony Point Woman Dies After Getting Stuck in Collapsed Floor


A Stony Point woman was found dead the  morning of February 5, trapped due to the collapse of her bathroom floor, police said. She may have been stuck for hours or longer before she died.

During a routine check-up on a missing person report, Stony Point police discovered Diane Wilson, 63, dead in her home at 60 Crickettown Road.

The Stony Point Police were informed that Wilson had been absent from work without notice for three days. When officers visited the residence to check on Wilson they found her in the upstairs bathroom with one of her legs through the bathroom floor, jutting through the ceiling of the garage below.

In addition, Diane Wilson’s 91-year-old, bedridden mother Rosemary Wilson was discovered “conscious but incoherent” in her bed. She was transported to Nyack Hospital for medical evaluation.

Lieutenant Keith Williams stated that no foul play is suspected and that in his opinion, a leak of unknown origin may have created a structural weakness in the bathroom floor. Wilson probably died after breaking through the fragile spot and becoming trapped there for at least part of the three day period, he said.

Wilson’s body is currently being examined by Rockland County Medical Examiner to establish an official cause of death. Williams explained that the fall through the floor did not seem to produce any serious injuries such as severed blood vessels or broken bones.

“We’re trying to determine what the cause of death was,” Williams said. “We would classify this as what we call an unattended death.”

Officials with the Town of Stony Point described the house as full of debris and in an unspecified state of disrepair and confirmed that a leaking pipe may have been responsible for the bathroom collapse.

[update 2/6/13 – Rockland County medical examiners have ruled that injuries to Wilson’s chest as well as a possible preexisting heart condition likely contributed to her death]

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