The Correction Officers Benevolent Association of Rockland County (COBARC) has announced their support of former Spring Valley Justice David Fried for County Executive.

“David Fried is a longtime, trusted, and proven friend of the law enforcement community,” said COBARC President John Kezek, Jr., a resident of Stony Point. “First as a chair of the Legislature’s Public Safety Committee, then as an administrator in the Sheriff’s Office, and as Spring Valley Justice, David Fried has shown his commitment to ensuring a safe community for every resident, family, and business in Rockland. David’s impressive record of hard work and results is exactly what we need in the County Executive’s office.  Our members know he will bring a new era of responsible, fiscally-sound leadership to Rockland.”

“I’ve never met an elected official who understood the issues better than David Fried,” added COBARC Executive Board Member Matthew Peters of Stony Point. “His years of experience, along with his understanding of how to cut through partisanship, find consensus, and get things done, no other candidate matches what Judge Fried brings to the table.  He knows our officers on a first name basis, has toured our facility, and has jumped right in to knowing the exact issues in corrections that have the greatest impact on the county budget.  In the race for County Executive, the choice is clear: David Fried.”

COBARC has indicated it will take an active role in this election, motivating its current and former members and their families to vote in support of Judge Fried.  COBARC is the first segment of the Rockland County government workforce to issue an endorsement of any candidate in the county executive race.  Corrections is a mandated service that New York State requires be performed by Rockland County government.

“I’m tremendously honored to receive the endorsement of Rockland’s Corrections Officers,” said Judge Fried. “The men and women of corrections are a credit to law enforcement with one of the toughest beats possible.  As County Executive I will work closely with our corrections personnel to ensure they have a high quality of life on the job, that they are safe and well-trained, and that their mission is accomplished in a fiscally prudent manner.”

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