Cory Kahaney, Comedienne, Doing Encore at Turning Point Cafe, Piermont February 15


Comedienne Cory Kahaney knows Rockland well. Her mom lives in Piermont and Cory played the Turning Point Cafe a year ago, so she is familiar with the surroundings and will be there Friday, February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. But LoHud Comedy who is presenting the appearance says bring your love to the show as a day after Valentine’s Day gift.

Cory tells the Rockland County Times her comedy is mostly autobiographical and includes some jokes about when she was a chef, which she was for about 12 years. Cory gets topical sometimes talking about issues of today’s world and admits she is a liberal.

Cory went to cooking school in France for a while and she says her being a chef led to her becoming a comic. The waiters were very funny, she notes. Her first gig was a stand up performance at Ye Olde Triple Inn which used to be Studio 54. And from there came a career of 21 years as a comic.

“I was always the funniest one around in my early days and I was destined for comedy,” she said. Cory Kahaney, Friday, February 15 at 8 p.m. at the Turning Point Cafe, Piermont, where Cory says the food is really good. Tickets at Pay Pal says LoHud, not to be confused with the Journal News website of the same name.

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