Letter to the Editor: IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?

To the editor,

Just when you think you have seen it all in local politics, someone raises the bar to new levels of unbelievability. Do politicians really think that the average voter is a dolt? It seems obvious that Dagan Lacorte, the purveyor of his very own Rockland brand of the Nixon-style politics, thinks we are.

After an elaborate scheme to secretly tape record a fellow candidate for no other purpose that to get something to use on him, Lacorte now supposes to self-righteously preach to all of us. And it is he who now wants “to ban personal attacks on candidates.” Is this guy for real?

This is nothing more than a transparent and shallow attempt at political damage control that anyone with an ounce of sense would see right through. Mr. Lacorte’s feeble attempt to extricate himself from this mess includes self-serving commentary such as “When I make a mistake, I admit it and I try to learn from it.” A plan to spy and record an opponent is not a mistake; it is a trait, one that all should take note of.

Mr. Lacorte now defines the campaign to choose who will lead our county out of a crisis in a slick, self-serving manner by saying “this campaign isn’t about texts, it’s about taxes.” No, Mr. Lacorte, the fact is that this campaign is about choosing a proven, experienced leader with the requisite ethics and strength of character, something your actions clearly show are lacking within you.

William Deighan
New City


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