Press Release

Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt (R,I,C-Greenwood Lake) last week announced her online petition to repeal the gun control laws enacted through the NY S.A.F.E. Act.

“The Executive Budget proposes $36 million to create the database of lawful gun owners in our state – like many of my constituents, I believe there are a lot of better uses for $36 million in taxpayer funds,” said the Assemblywoman. “Instead of investing in anti-violence measures or initiatives to get illegal guns off our street, like gun buy-back programs, we are spending taxpayer dollars to keep tabs on lawful citizens. If we want to improve public safety we should, instead, be working to reduce violence and limit criminals’ access to illegal weapons.

In addition to the new laws infringing on the Constitutional Rights of law-abiding citizens, Assemblywoman Rabbitt pointed to the plethora of technical problems and confusion surrounding the new laws as further evidence as to why the laws should be repealed. Some of the technical problems with the law include:

■After March 16, 2013 police officers and peace officers in possession of a weapon on school grounds would be subject to prosecution unless they have written permission from the educational institution; they would be required to register their weapons and would be limited to seven-round magazines in the same manner as civilians
■There are technical problems in the law language regarding possession of certain ammunition-feeding devices
■There is confusion over the criminal liability of law enforcement and others regarding the use of a weapon in the commission of a drug trafficking felony or a violent felony offense as well as the definition of a “serious offense”
■Technical errors in the law language create two penalties for the newly-created crime of knowingly failing to register a newly-banned assault weapon within one year of the effective date as both a class E felony as well as a class A misdemeanor
■Technical errors in the law language regarding requiring a mental health evaluation prior to the discharge of inmates committed from a state correctional facility to a hospital and eventually to the community
■Reporting requirements for mental health professionals in the new laws could result in individuals unintentionally being hospitalized and/or have their firearms license revoked unless action by the Supreme Court is taken
■Restrictions on FOIL requests that require gun owners to opt out of having their names or addresses included in public disclosure, which is inefficient and creates another layer of confusion for citizens
■Lack of clarity regarding Internet and out-of-state sales of guns and ammunition.

To join Assemblywoman Rabbitt’s call to repeal these new flawed laws, please visit her official website at http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/Annie-Rabbitt/story/50484 and sign her petition. Residents may also contact the Assemblywoman’s office for a hard copy of the petition.

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