Ex-LAPD and Navy veteran Christopher Dorner led local, state and federal authorities on a wild goose chase through southern California this past week.

Dorner, an apparently disgruntled ex-cop, released a manifesto bashing LAPD and society at large and then went on a killing spree that led to four deaths, including two cops. The other two killed were the daughter of an officer who had represented him in a grievance hearing and her fiance.

The assailant used his training to wreak havoc on the authorities for nearly a week, including a five-day stretch where the world heard nary a peep from him. The authorities believe they killed Dorner in a Big Bear Mountain cabin where he had exchanged gunfire with police. Earlier in the day, authorities said he had killed an officer in a closer range shootout, before escaping in a vehicle to the cabin.

The police ultimately moved in on the cabin and it caught fire. A charred corpse found in the structure is believed to be Dorner. Rumors that he had taken a hostage appear to have been false.

In Dorner’s manifesto he claims he was wrongly terminated for reporting police abuse and racism. The police contends that Dorner made up his report of abuse in revenge for criticism he’d received. Dorner’s manifesto lists a myriad of political complaints the vast coming from the left-liberal side of the political spectrum.

Conservative commentators have complained that if such an assailant were on the right-wing, the mainstream media would have made his political beliefs a focal point of the story. Instead, the mainstream media hardly mentioned the nature of his political rants, commentators pointed out.

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