NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox has called on Governor Cuomo to launch a Moreland Act Commission to investigate “waste, fraud and abuse” in New York’s Medicaid system.

Cox criticized Cuomo for firing a year ago what he deemed a “qualified Medicaid inspector general” who’d recouped over $1.5 billion in wasteful spending, and replacing him with a “handpicked successor urged by the governor to soften the state’s tough audits.

“If Cuomo means what he said about reforming Medicaid, he made a serious mistake by replacing a junkyard dog Medicaid inspector general with a pet poodle,” Cox said. “Cuomo was all too eager to launch a Moreland Commission to investigate LIPA after Hurricane Sandy in order to channel New Yorkers’ frustrations with storm readiness away from his office, but if he really has the interests of New Yorkers in mind, and not politics, he’ll appoint a Moreland Commission to scrub Medicaid clean from top to bottom and put in place a restructured, clean and affordable Medicaid system for New York.”

New York leads the nation with $50 billion in Medicaid spending, more than Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania combined.

The Moreland Act dates back to 1907 and allows the governor to “examine management and affairs of any department, board, bureau or commission in the state.”

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