Letter to the Editor: MR. LACORTE: DISGRACE


I was beside myself when I read your article on Mayor Dagan Lacorte who, after getting caught spying on a fellow candidate, now wishes to propose new campaign rules to follow! Even more comical is his comment that his engaging in a well thought out, political dirty trick “obligates him to raise the level of discourse in what is already a rough and tumble campaign”.

He wants to have “additional campaign finance disclosure” while he already has taken in thousands of dollars well past the $4000 per donor limit set for the primary election he will presumably face. He talks about a grass roots campaign while taking $120,000 from corporations mostly located outside of Rockland.

And after he is caught through his own carelessness trying to secretly record an opponent, he “wants a Fair Campaign Practices Board?” That has to be one of the most offensive examples of the old saying “the pot calling the kettle black” that I have ever heard. When Mr. Lacorte says “When I make a mistake, I admit it and I try to learn from it”, one cannot help wondering of that means he’ll text the right person next time instead of the one being spied upon.

I can think of no better way, as Mr. Lacorte puts it, to “raise the level” of the campaign than to see the one who has lowered it to begin with pull out of the race. Mr. Lacorte should stop the excuses and withdraw.

Jennifer Moccio
New City

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