To the Editor,

A quick history on Civile’s Restaurant and how he found himself here in the heart of Haverstraw. I was a member of the Board of Trustee along with former Mayor Bud Wassmer, Jim Lauler, Angelo Cintron and Mike Simko. We (the village) purchase that property in partnership with Scenic Hudson from Vincent Palmeri. The entire board new that we needed to search for the right person to open a 5-STAR restaurant that can help be the stepping stone to the revitalization and the vision we had for the downtown waterfront.

There were many people with interest to take over the restaurant and the board was very careful at the time in making sure the right choice would be made. I recall when Mayor Wassmer mention to the Board that Tom Civile had an interest and we should go to his restaurant in NJ and see if that is what we wanted for Haverstr…aw. That night the entire board took the long trip to NJ to see if this restaurant was right for Haverstraw. By the end of the night and on our way home without any doubt we new Tom Civile was our number one choice.

I am not just sad but upset to see Civile’s restaurant go out of business. I know Tom held out for many years and put his heart and soul into that restaurant. While I been bother by seeing many businesses come and go in this Village, Civile’s certainly is one that bothers me the most. Tom was committed to Haverstraw and patiently waited for many years for this village to progress and take it to the next level. while hurricane sandy was the last straw and the recovery I’m sure will be long to rebuild, I certainly don’t blame Tom for finally saying that’s it and good bye.

Tom Civile, I thank you for coming to Haverstraw and helping make it a better place in all the years you were here. I thank you for bringing your 5-STAR touch of class restaurant that will be irreplaceable. Civile’s restaurant wasn’t just a restaurant but an experience. As a former member of the Board of Trustee and a citizen of this village I wish you the best and hope that you will have more success where ever you go. As a former member of the Board of Trustee I also would like to apologized to you as what we originally talk about when you first came to Haverstraw did not materialize of the great revitalization we originally envision, But, was not fully carry out. And if it was I can only wonder if you would still had made the decision to close down and leave..another lost, another blow to the Village of Haverstraw.

Ricky Sanchez
Former trustee, Village of Haverstraw

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