Part I

By Anthony Melé

School Lock-Down Policies are why more children will be killed, held hostage or raped by the criminally insane or terrorist hostage takers in the next attack. It is counter-intuitive to purge teachers and students of their natural instincts to flee danger or evade an attacker seeking them harm. In each case we study, all the casualties were in lock-down.

In nature, ducks do not huddle, or lock down under a bush when fired upon. They scatter and flee in all directions, stymieing the hunter’s ability to kill them all. The fallacy of the reality is this policy is in reaction to an active shooter already on the scene committing the crime, while his targeted victims are trained to wait in place.

From the perspective of Counter-terrorism professionals and criminologist, there are two types of perpetrators of these crimes; the criminally insane and the criminal genius. Facts prove, neither of which are deterred by stricter gun laws or harsher prison penalties.

The criminally insane are motivated by whatever psychotic delusion drives them. They are not dissuaded in the least by the law or difficult logistics. They acquire their tools by any means possible. They commit their crime, which mostly ends in suicide, or by an armed civilian at the scene, never does a police response team stop them before-hand.

The criminal chooses a soft target that will offer little or no resistance to their attack. They determine this by measuring, the more likely the success of their attack, the softer the target. School Lock-Down Policies tell the attacker that this target is soft because it will offer no resistance but actually cooperate with him.

Background checks will not stop him armed with butcher knives, then say he wired the facility with explosives, his cell phone is the detonator If an attacker is assured the school safety plan is surrender to anyone who enters the building making a threat, they will surely attack it.

In absence of reality, empty political promises declaring their laws make commonsense are simply useless. NY S.A.F.E law in reality renders us Un-S.A.F.E. Banning guns to prevent crime, is like banning gravity to prevent from falling down.

Imposing laws that dilute the Bill of Rights or flirt with a police state are a win for the terrorist.

Politically fueled hysteria labeled as commonsense strategies do not deter ingenious hostage takers/ killers by disarming the general public, limiting ammo purchases, blocking legitimate internet sales, stigmatize legal gun-owners, asking banks to stop financing gun makers, imposing liability insurance on registered firearms owners, create barriers to getting a pistol permit, banning firearms the government identify, or other infringements upon the Bill of Rights.

The Police SWAT team is not a deterrence plan either because they are a reaction force to a crime in progress. Ground zero is the place where the terrorist or insane are attacking. The true tactical response can only come from those we empower to repel and survive that attack.

2006, in Bailey, Colorado, a man evaded an armed security guard at a High School, announced he wired the school with explosives, took over a classroom, tossed out all the boys keeping seven teen age girls.

The Lock-Down policy worked perfectly. The police had the place surrounded for 4 hours. In the meantime, he had been raping the 7 teen age girls, and when he was done, killed one and then himself. Today’s School Lock-Down plan is another disaster waiting to happen; when it does, lay blame on the policy makers, where it truly belongs.

Anthony Mele is a TEA Party activist and was the 2010 GOP candidate for Congressional District-17. He is a former intelligence staff NCO for high ranking national security officials at the Pentagon.

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