Dagan LaSAFE

Suffern mayor and 2013 county executive candidate Dagan Lacorte bashes Democratic competitor Leg. Ilan Schoenberger for his stance on gun control, as well as GOP competitor Leg. Ed Day, offers his support of Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act, and boasts of being  only county executive candidate not to own a gun

Suffern Mayor Dagan Lacorte released a statement on Friday slamming county legislators and fellow Rockland County Executive candidates Ilan Schoenberger and Ed Day.

Mayor Lacorte criticized Mr. Schoenberger saying, “In the midst of the first real gun debate this country has seen, County Legislator Ilan Schoenberger, one of my Democratic opponents in the race for Rockland County Executive, has taken a position on gun control that is wildly out of touch with Rockland County Democrats. Through political maneuvering, Mr. Schoenberger succeeded in having the Rockland County Legislature oppose sensible gun control legislation; including reinstatement of President Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban and Governor Cuomo’s SAFE ACT.”

He also criticized Republican Ed Day, saying “He [Schoenberger] isn’t the only candidate for Rockland County Executive who is out of touch on gun control.  Republican Ed Day, a career law enforcement man, would have Rockland voters believe that he needs to get clarification on what is and is not an ‘assault weapon.’ He should just be clear in whether he is ‘up or down’ on a re-instatement of an assault weapons ban.”

Lacorte added, “I couldn’t be clearer on my position regarding gun control. I support sensible but aggressive gun control laws.  I’m a strong supporter of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act, and I believe we need to reinstate, on a federal level, the Clinton-era assault weapons ban. I do not believe that guns should be confiscated from lawful gun owners. Sensible gun ownership of non-automatic weapons and shotguns should be permitted in a free society.”

Finally, Mayor Lacorte boasted, “I am proud to be the only candidate for Rockland County Executive who doesn’t own a gun, and a proud member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition.”


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