Dutchess to Debate SAFE Act Repeal Resolution

The County of Dutchess is debating whether to join the still growing list of counties and municipalities who formally are seeking repeal of most of the NY SAFE Act gun control bill.

See the text of the proposed resolution here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/128420888/Dutchess-Legislature-Safe-Act-Resolution

Last Thursday over 10,000 persons gathered in Albany to demand the repeal of the bill and pressure has also been put on GOP Senate leader Dean Skelos to step down. Skelos was instrumental in pushing the bill through under dark of night with virtually no debate.

So far 33 county legislatures have voted in favor of repealing the law and when the dust settles the number is likely to be approximately 50 out of 62 counties in favor of repeal.

The five boroughs of New York City, Suffolk and Nassau of Long Island and Westchester County appear to represent the only region of relative support for the bill which affects residents of the entire state.

On February 13 the Westchester County Legislature voted unanimously to support the NY SAFE Act and in favor of even stricter gun control.


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