A younger relative of Spring Valley Trustee Anthony Leon has announced his candidacy for county executive. Mr. Vladimir Leon has run as a wild card candidate in other local races and has failed to garner many votes. Trustee Leon has endorsed David Fried for county executive.

To the editor,

Today March 6, 2013 is the most appropriate time for me, Vladimir Leon, to declare my candidacy for the Rockland County Executive race. My decision is uniquely based on the current matters facing Rockland and the lack of vision and change being proposed by the current candidates who seem not able to get a sense of the seriousness of the economic challenges hunting Rockland for a long time. Furthermore, the current candidates have been career politicians that have unfortunately contributed to this crisis. My candidacy and electing to county executive, if anything, is the ultimate chance Rockland has to consider a new, bright, efficient, and sustainable vision that will completely eradicate the crisis and embrace the course for a promising and sustainable future.

As far as qualification, there is no other candidate in this race that matches Vladimir Leon’s credential. As someone who experienced Rockland as a public health inspector and a graduate of Columbia University’s Earth Institute in Sustainability Management, I have better training than all of the other candidates to identify, convert and preserve natural and environmental resources into economic gains. I also have the capability to transform those resources with new social, political and economic policy designs to make Rockland successfully compete with other surrounding counties. My candidacy and my electing to be county executive is the retirement of the last 20 years of economic failures that all the other candidates are part of, and the lack of vision they continue to spread without the knowledge and understanding of the seriousness and tightness of our social, economic and political crises.

Other than my primary reasons, I simply realize that all the other candidates in this race are somehow being chosen to run. I just cannot idly sit and see you pledge allegiance to the chosen ones without considering the challenges we face, and cannot see you make choices of the same career politicians that have nothing new to offer but their times in office and their meetings with a couple of social and non-profit groups and yet, make acclamation of this as their political career’s successes and experiences.

Recently, I was writing my graduate thesis on Rockland County’s budget crisis, I could not find any writings, successful biographies or legacies I can point to, as reference, from any of the candidates as currently acclaimed in their campaigns as experienced Rockland politicians.


Vladimir Leon

Spring Valley

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