The New York SAFE Law offends the spirit and word of the US Constitution. The Bill of Rights will cease to exist if we permit it to be rewritten by knee jerk reactionaries and political opportunist seeking to centralize power in a government of the few.

The US Constitution will be relegated to a museum artifact memorialized as a quaint idea of self governed people.

It is a falsehood of the thinnest pretense, that free people are incapable of keeping their own safety to the point where State Managers criminalize it. Along with the crime of imbibing a soft drink, a hired City Manager concludes we must be protected from. The dishonest cries of we must do it to save lives are an insult to our human dignity.

The contagion of this hysteria driven, prefabricated crisis have infected willing accomplices, in Ramapo and among members of the County Legislature, in lock step with the notion of Lords and Masters over you and I. Some feigned they had no technical knowledge of firearms, when all they were elected to do was have a reasonable working knowledge of the Bill of Rights.

Instead, we bear witness to a willing acceptance of a capricious and arbitrary law passed in the dark of night that created over 5 million criminals in that instance. Not to mention, the entire law enforcement community along with them.

There are over 5 million legal firearms owners in the State of New York. The SAFE Law overnight created criminals in all of them because among other things, a seven round magazine does not exist. The use of the word ‘commonsense’ in an instance absent of reality is useless. It is a propaganda ploy to color anyone who disagrees with them as lacking it.

Every elected official swore an oath of upon their honor to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution and the New York Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

New York State’s Constitution clearly states that all Bills must be seasoned, or rest on the desk for an excess of 72 hours. Governor Cuomo wantonly violated it, under a falsehood of urgency. The Governor and his accomplices should face impeachment for this attempt at perpetrating a fraud on the honest people of New York.

All elected employees who voted to pass resolutions and support the SAFE Law expressed contempt for the Constitution and violated their oath. They have dishonored themselves and abdicate the customary title of “honorable”, which of tradition precedes their name.

There is no intellectually honest argument yet presented, that can bear the scrutiny of inspection, fact or cross examination, which remotely can begin to abrogate or infringe upon the Second Amendment. History will bear witness that in our day, these misguided usurpers made a blatant attempt at displacing our founding documents incrementally harboring an insidious agenda of disarming us.

There be none in the People’s legislative body, from the White House to the State House, who can begin to improve upon the majesty enshrined in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights guarantees your freedom of speech, religion and worship because it limits the power of government to disarm you. We will never need it, until they try to take it.

The SAFE Law strips you of that inviolable right; anyone who voted for it, committed treason against every soldier who fell defending it.

In this article, Freedom of the Press is now the last line of intellectual defense by drawing upon all the powers of persuasion that can be mustered in an appeal to nothing more than the commonsense you own. To you few, who shame your elected office, your days are numbered and your honor is stained, for history will bear this out.

If a day should come, where one drop of blood is spilled or one hour of liberty is denied to one honest American, in an attempt to enforce it, that curse be upon your head.

To any, who seek to restore their honor, find courage in the redemption of renouncing this contemptible attempt at supplanting the idea of self government with the stench of the Oligarch. Repeal the SAFE Law and oppose everyone who voted for it, by word and deed.

Anthony Melé, MA, Diplomacy, US Army veteran, former NCO assigned to the Pentagon, US Army Intelligence, 2010 GOP Nominee, US Congress, 17th District

One Response to "COMMONSENSE – 2013 – REPEAL THE SAFE LAW"

  1. Anthony Mele   March 20, 2013 at 10:44 am

    “No credible and intellectually honest argument can sustain the scrutiny of cross examination that concludes disarming the population or infringing on the ability of people to own firearms, with capacity over 7 rounds, will stop murderers from murdering. The natural conclusion becomes self evident that it legislates vulnerability and victim-hood.

    Laws do not stop crime, because we have law breakers. Prison does not stop criminals, because we have prisons filled to capacity. Police do not prevent crimes, because they respond to a crime and enforce the law after the crime is committed.

    If the true reason for having firearms be for our own defense, then in whose hands is it better regulated, than in the hands of responsible, law abiding citizens?” ~ Anthony Melé

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