Shops at Nanuet Proceeding as Scheduled


P1000264The upcoming Shops at Nanuet project is proceeding as planned, with development continuing under the town’s oversight.

In an interview with the Rockland County Times, Clarkstown Town Supervisor Alex Gromack explained the project had hit no snags and continued to engage the efforts of both developers and the town in what he called an “ongoing process.”

According to Gromack, this includes daily feedback between developers, builders, and county inspectors to come into compliance with DEC mandates. Gromack also explained that Simon is receiving input from local police and fire services on matters of safety and emergency planning.

Meanwhile, a representative with Simon Malls confirmed the Shops as the location of several new outlets, including a Fairway and Regal Cinemas. He explained that more shops will be confirmed as construction continues and leases are fully executed.P1000265

“We have announced a couple of tenants with more to come,” Simon’s Public Relations Director Les Morris said. “We announced the grocer Fairway and the movie theater, so we’re excited about that.”

A Nanuet Chamber of Commerce meeting on March 22 laid out a general picture of the new development, which will cost Simon $150 million to build, include seventy businesses and employ one thousand people. The Shops at Nanuet were projected to raise $2.6 million in tax revenue annually and, according to Clarkstown Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner, would hopefully revitalize Nanuet’s retail business while retaining its suburban character.

“We’re not trying to change the character of the town, but we should be cognizant and use new Nanuet Mall as a push forward to find out how to sell ourselves,” Hausner said.

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