The Courage to Stand (Almost) Alone

Skoufis HeadshotThe Rockland County Times has learned that freshman Assemblyman James Skoufis (D-Stony Point, Orange County) was one of only a handful of Assembly Democrats to vote against Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE gun control act.

Skoufis did not bow to political pressure at midnight and sign the bill, and instead chose to vote his conscience. This took courage, as Skoufis had only been in the Assembly less than a month at the time and he said he was under great pressure to vote yes.

The RCT editorial board believes NY SAFE Act is increasingly looking like an abject failure. Due to the haste in which it was passed, key parts of the bill are being revised and reversed, most notably the magazine size limit, while much of the bill could also be thrown out in court.

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