Google Ignores Jesus in Favor of Cesar Chavez

Christians across America expressed dismay Easter morning at search engine Google’s decision to post a photo of labor leader Cesar Chavez as their website’s “doodle” for the day.


Though it is Chavez’s 86th birthday and Cesar Chavez Day is celebrated on March 31 in Google’s home state of California, as well as Colorado and Texas, the holiday is obscure in the rest of the nation. Even in those states reaction was less than stellar.

It wasn’t the absence of Jesus’ image, but rather the choice to display a graphic of Chavez on Christians’ most solemn holy day that struck millions of Americans as inappropriate.

Many suggested on social media that they would seek a new search engine. Rockland County Times reader Scott Walters echoed the sentiments of some web surfers when he pledged Google’s act is “enough to make me look for another search engine.”

An article at Canadian quoted one Lisa Schreckenstein as ‘tweeting,’ “Today I switch to Bing since #google thinks Christ is less important that Cesar Chavez…”

Bing’s homepage features dozens of Easter eggs. Will the Microsoft-owned Bing take advantage of the opportunity to attract millions of Google users? The world’s dominant search engine company has in essence given their competition a priceless advertisement.

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