To the Editor,

After yesterday’s news, it really hits home how bad our local government has become. I am not condemning all of our leaders, but enough have condemned themselves recently to cast our local government in a very dim light. All of the accused were voted into office by people who trusted them, believed their promises, and took for granted that these politicians would do their job honorably and with the best interests of the people they represent in their hearts.

The people who take advantage of our trust will get what they deserve, but it will take a long time for the scars they have inflicted to heal. It will be hard to trust our local politicians after this news, but just as they should have known, we must keep in mind that we are all neighbors, we are one community, and we must all look out for each other in this time of tumult within our nation. In local politics, there should be no career politicians, but instead people seeking to make their home a sweeter place to live, and not to betray the confidence of their friends.

Taking the sacred oath of office should not be about what the office can do for these politicians but what can they do for their constituents to serve and protect their home. It should be for love of their home and not his own selfish intent that one aspires to public office. I am deeply sorry for these misguided individuals.

I am proud, however, to make a vow to my fellow Ramapoians. As your 2013 elected supervisor of the town of Ramapo, I will take on the responsibilities of office with the best of intentions and take my fellow townspeople on as my family and friends. I will look out for our town and our people. I will bring sweeping ethical changes to our town so you will never need to worry that your trust is misplaced. It’s finally time to restore honor and dignity to politics, and showing your support for me today is the first step you can take. I look forward to serving you and our dear Ramapo.

Scott Goldman
Candidate for Town of Ramapo Supervisor

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