Entrenched Opposition to “Same-Sex Marriage” Remains Strong Amongst Pastors


Despite a recent poll by the Washington Post-ABC News showing national support for gay marriage at nearly 60 percent and even speculation that Pope Francis had once held a conciliatory view on the issue, there is still strong opposition to gay marriage fron christian leaders.

In a recent interview with the Rockland County Times, Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor of  the Hope Christian Church in Maryland, and one of the nation’s most outspoken critics of gay marriage, confirmed that despite such polling data, he will not give up the fight.  He cited numerous scripture from both the Old and New Testament that made it “very clear to most biblical scholars” that such behavior is not in accordance with God’s plan.

He was also very passionate in his dislike of the gay community’s equation of gay marriage with African American civil rights. Jackson, who is African-American, stated that the great Martin Luther King tried to stop such horrific acts like murder and lynchings.

Accordiing to the pastor who resides in the nations beltway, this is not the same thing he is witnessing daily.  Rather, “gay people in Washington D.C. are educated, highly mobile,” and financially successful.

However, the bishop maintains that this contingent of the Democratic Party is attempting to impose non-biblical, “extra rights” neither derived from the bible or the constitution. He thus concludes that his fear is not so much the act of marriage between two people of the same sex, but rather the question of where this could lead our society.

First and foremost, Jackson is concerned with the future education of children and does not believe that kids should be taught in schools about gay marriage or parenting from a non-traditional gay perspective.

Likewise, even in the small village  of Monsey, N.Y., conservative Christian values are being fought for in the midst of growing liberalism. When Pastor Phillip Dennis of the New Hope Christian Church on Main Street in downtown Monsey was reached for comment, he too said he was concerned about what gateways gay marriage would open up.  Dennis was adamant that his concern came from love and that he strongly opposed any hateful acts towards gay individuals.

Still, that being said, he claimes that homosexuality was a “sin against God.”  Dennis openly admitted that even congregants of his church may have desires that are contrary to God’s plan. However, to act upon such desires is a “sin.”

Dennis too is concerned with the future of our society and children in particular. He maintains that if we as a society accept gay marriage then “we are on a slippery slope” where child pornography may be more acceptable in years to come.

As for the national data indicating increasing support for gay marriage, Dennis admits that the fight against this act is “a battle that was lost long ago because individuals want to find fulfillment” contrary to God’s wishes. Though this may seem right or pleasurable to the masses, in the end, people will find themselves not only on the wrong side of history, but on the “wrong side of God.”

For such reasons, Dennis can see why even conservative leaders are hesitant to speak out against gay marriage, but he himself stated he is inspired by the word of God alone.

While a few denominations and liberal-minded preachers have stated their support for same-sex marriage, or “marriage-equality” as it’s come to be known, the vast majority of leaders in the religious community remain strong in their opposition to changing the legal definition of marraige.

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