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You can trust Jennifer with your beauty
You can trust Jennifer with your beauty

What tools are you armed with while primping and prepping to face the world? Do you use a hair straightener? Curling iron? Blow dryer? All three possibly!? It’s important to have the best of the best when it comes to styling your hair – It’s one of the first things people notice! My hair is naturally wavy, which means I must use tools to tame the mane. I use two tools every single day – my beloved ‘Wet Brush’ & my Hot Tools 1875 Watt IONIC® Salon Dryer Model HTBW02 Hair Dryer (approximately $90 USD on With the purchase of this blow dryer you receive the finger diffuser and concentrator, which really helps while styling! My ‘Wet Brush’ is heavenly ($8 USD on Before being introduced to it, I was using a regular cushion paddle brush which didn’t cut it when it came to handling the knots in my hair after showering. Untangling was a battle I often lost with my old brush, but this is no longer my reality! The ‘Wet Brush’ glides effortlessly through my hair. With one stroke, the tangles are out and my hair is smooth & ready to be dried! Both of these little nuggets get A LOT of use A LOT of the time, so it’s critical that they are well-made products. I HIGHLY recommend both for everyday use! hair

There are specialty tools I use less often, but in my opinion, they do the best job when I’m looking to have either super straight hair or loose, luscious curls. For a long time I used an inexpensive Conair hair straightener, and although it got the job done, I didn’t realize what I was missing until I came across one of the best straighteners on the market – Hot Tools Nano Ceramic 1” Flat Iron 450 ($80 USD on I usually don’t pump up the heat on this baby all the way, since I am highly aware that color treated hair is prone to breakage & damage, but a decent amount of heat from this tool creates a pin straight look that lasts all day long! You can forget the frizzies, because they DO NOT exist after using this little gem. A trick I use if I want a bit of a curl at the end of my hair is to twist the straightener, moving my hand in a forward motion, while at the same time, pulling the tool down & away from my head. You will notice a bit of a curl / flip towards the end of your hair with this extra added step.

001When I want my hair to appear fully textured & flowy, I reach for my Enzo Milano Cilindrico Curling Iron 1″ 25mm Round (approximately $120 USD on It is a bit pricey, but worth every penny – I promise! As you can see in the photograph of the back of my head after using this curling iron, the curls are defined, yet on the loose side. Before starting the curling process, I spritz a light coat of hairspray throughout my hair, which ensures curl definition and a style that lasts much longer. It’s helpful to have clips handy, as you might want to separate and section off your hair while curling. Focusing on each section helps to minimize missing pieces or chunks of hair that have not been curled. Spritz a little extra hairspray once all curls are complete and you’re good to go!

Happy hair styling little nuggets!

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